So I haven’t been completely lame! I have been working on an eCommerce site that plans to change the game in active apparel. constructs fashionable and functional apparel that will amaze the lackluster active industry. The more research I did, the more I saw how hideous most active apparel lines were.  Here is the progress so far, more as it develops.


Hey, hey! what it do? Well i would like to announce the formal launch of! Ran by the very talented writer Andrea Boston, The Cool Aid is a refreshing drink of knowledge and intelligence a world oversaturated by nonsense. I really enjoyed this project and like out it came out. I think the design “feels” cool an appropriate. The project went slightly over the deadline but allowed the client to be a little more prepared to deliver her interesting and complelling content. So give it a look see and tell me what you think. 1 down and 2 more projects to go!

LAUNCHED: Grae Gram Online Magazine

In the midst of all the 9-5 working, I have been finishing up projects including expanding the Grae Enterprises brand. They have launched Grae Gram, a lifestyle online magazine to give their audience a place to go to for all things cool. Contributors are far and wide including Kevin Powell and various radio and TV personalities and tastemakers. I might even add a post in their on teh tech side. Also, they are launching an ultra-exclusive entro-pro-negro (yea i said it!) social networking site called Grae Works, to allow the ever expanding solo-peneaurs a place to exchange ideas, services, and good/bad stories. And lastly a refresh of their newsletter to better reflect the brand and complete the “Grown & Sexy” feel.

Launched: D.Woods formerly of Danity Kane

Well party people, after a few hiccups and changes, D.Woods (formerly of the infamous Danity Kane) official website has been launched! I really forget how high profile she is being on MTV w/ Diddy, touring the world w/ Day26, having 2 gold platinum albums. I think her new ventures are going to be pretty interesting. I wish her luck and glad ROMG could help her in her indevours.


Along with being a frontend web delevoper,  print designer, illustrator, and all around nice guy (it’s true, my mama told me so!), I am/was a dancer for a number of years. Performing in front of crowds, hitting circles in the clubs, teaching people and really just having a good time. Now that I live in NYC, I am surrounded by phenomonal dancers of all ages. It’s refreshing to see and be a part of something all people can do till they die. Enter A really cool site of knowledge sharing used all over the world. The people behind never really had time to redesign it so I took it upon myself to help out my culture that I love. What better way to showcase one talent by helping another. We have some fun things instore for the site including exclusive interviews with dance legends, a store to sell various dancing DVDS, and really just helping the community share the knowledge. A seperate site showcasing the House Dance Project is in the works (but it will be using this design as a basis).

Launched: Girl Get Your Hair Back!

Well, without further ado,! It was a full redesign and working with the author, Valonne Smith, was awesome to work with. Good and speedy feedback goes along way. My hope with the redesign was to focus her site on selling her book, get her ideas out there thru her blog, and looking as profesional as possible. All in all, a great working experience and i look fwd to working with her in the future. Below is the before site: